How do you buy Vintage Football helmets?

Football Helmets… When looking for a vintage football helmet, what do you look for? Are you looking for a helmet that has your favorite team logo on it? Are you looking for the same type of helmet that your favorite player wore back in the day?

Today there are only a couple of helmet manufactures, Riddell and Schutt are the main players, but go back to the late 60’s through the early 80’s and there were many… Riddell, Wilson, Bike, Medalist/Gladiator, Rawlings, MacGregor, Kelly, Spaulding, etc... Many of these helmets wore worn by the Pro’s in the NFL. Wilson helmets were worn by most players on the Chicago Bears, because the owner George Halas had part ownership in them. Many players like a certain helmet since high school or college and would continue to where that type into the Pro’s.

The other difference in helmets back then were the facemasks. A t first there was basically just two types the one bar and the two Bar (BD-9) both by Riddell

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